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The Awesome Opossum

I like to spend my free time reading about and taking care of my many houseplants, perusing thrift stores for old science, horticulture and history books, old board games and vintage purses (all from the 70's or before), playing backgammon, driving, wandering around in huge old cemetaries, playing with my awesome little mice Mordechai, Kezia, Margot, Libby & Nora, watching the Venture Brothers and going to rock shows.

7/16" lobes (x2)
2g lobes (x2)
14g conch ridges (x2)
16g anti-helixes (x2)
14g left helix
18g nostrils (x2)
14g centre lip
12g septum

two stylized ratheads (each shoulderblade)
Tyburn gallows tree with "Misere Mei" above it (top of spine)
organic swirl (middle of back)
alchemy symbol for ether (above right elbow)
Marcel Dzama bat (right inner forearm)
robot (left inner forearm)
maori spirals (inner wrists)
"Pain makes you beautiful" (left ribcage/underboob)
Owen and dandelion (right thigh)
black moor goldfish (left calf by knee)
octopus squirting "ink" (right calf by knee)
5 color outline elm leaves (right foot/ankle)
Madeleine's hand and footprints (left foot/ankle)

lotus and pistol branding (left thigh)

i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

In memory of Madeleine Digit ~September 23, 2003 -- July 5, 2006~
*I can give you the constellations, lay down here and we'll count them all*

my pet!