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I'm going to start making and selling scarves again. If anyone is interested, I use Homespun yarn and they're roughly 8 to 10 feet long. I can make stripes and such, but I honestly don't know how to do lots of neat stitches yet. They have a nice loose knit and can be wrapped multiple times depending on how cold it is. Aside from color choices, they're pretty gender neutral and I have several guy friends who have them. I knit using size 11 bamboo needles and approximately 2 skeins of yarn. Scarves are between 20 and 25 stitches wide (about 7-8 inches) depending on the thickness of certain yarn colors. I try my best to match up gradient yarns and such so the seams aren't visible. I can also make nice thick stripey blankets to whatever dimensions I'm given, and prices vary a bit by size.


regular scarves: $30
short scarves (approx 5-6 ft.) $25
+ tassels: +$5
chenille regular scarves: $40
chenille short scarves: $35
*tassels are NOT available on chenille scarves

2 color throws: $50
3 color throws: $55
more than 3 color throws: $60
twin 2 color: $65
twin 3 color: $70
twin more than 3 colors: $75
full 2 color: $80
full 3 color: $85
full more than 3 colors: $90
queen 2 color: $95
queen 3 color: $100
queen more than 3 colors: $105
king 2 color: $110
king 3 color: $115
king more than 3 colors: $120
+ corner tassels: +$5
+ full tassels: +$15

Pillows (with cloth covered pillow form inside)~
1 color: $20
2 color #1 (front one color, back the other): $25
2 color #2 (stripes): $25
+ corner tassels: +$5

*Please ask about colors and custom stuff, and I'll see what I have and can do!*

If there's enough interest, I'll probably start a journal just for this sort of crafty stuff, but for now I'm just going to leave this public :) I need to reupload the pics to flickr, but I'll add some examples when I get a chance!

P.S. Kendra, I still owe you a scarf! IM me.
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